Live Shows Winners

28th August 2020

Did you pick the red team or the blue team to win? If you chose correctly you could be walking away with money in your pocket! Find out now who won.

Congratulations Paul

13th August 2020

We want to wish a huge congratulations to Paul Gillson from Oxford who won big playing Capital Gains™ on 9th August.

Bradford City and Castleford Share Their Rainbow Tributes

11th August 2020

Throughout this crazy, scary and downright confusing time we’ve loved that the rainbow has come through as a symbol of hope.

How To Celebrate World Cat Day With Or Without A Cat

8th August 2020

We love cats here at Buzz Bingo. And would you know it? It’s World Cat Day on August 8th. Here are five purrfect ways to celebrate if you have a cat, and four ways to celebrate if you don’t.

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