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Adopting a New View with Swap Ideas Day

We’ve all got that friend whose ideas are a little unusual, and if you don’t, well, we’d caution against looking in a mirror. Of course, not all odd ideas are bad ideas, and that’s what September 10th is all about with Swap Ideas Day.

While it is certainly an unusual day to celebrate, Swap Ideas Day can be a great way to try something new or to get closer to those you care about. So, collect your friends and loved ones, draw up some rules, and let’s get started.

Where Did Swap Ideas Day Come From?

Great question, and one we’re not exactly sure about. According to our research, the originator of the day appears to be Robert Burch, one of the people behind the board game Trivial Pursuit. Also responsible for events like National Trivia Day and Nothing Day, Burch seems to be a bit cheeky, but that doesn’t mean his ideas aren’t worth exploring.

What do You Mean, Swap Ideas?

Another fantastic question, you’re on fire today. Swap ideas day isn’t especially well defined, so we can’t come up with something that works for everyone. We do have some suggestions, however, that have proven effective for us in years past. Determining where you want to swap ideas means looking at both your personal and professional life and considering if you’re after fun, a challenge, something new, or some combination of all of the above.

For those looking for a personal and intimate touch, consider turning to those closest to you and swapping ideas on a new pursuit to try out. Use SID as a way to step outside of your comfort zone, or suggest something they might not usually like. This could be as simple as getting them to finally try the Impossible Whopper, so they can see how great plant-based protein can be.

You might also suggest each other try out different games, to broaden their horizons. On our website, we’ve had players switch between our favourite games like Book of Vikings and Reel King, for example, which we hoped would show them the superiority of our tastes. It might not have worked, but it was worth the effort.

For groups, you could also take the concept of swapping ideas and apply it to a party setting. Put a few ridiculous suggestions in a hat for personas to adopt for the rest of the night, and watch the chaos as your friends quickly run out of material.

If you have the pull, you could also suggest taking the day to a business setting. Too often businesses can be hesitant to try out new ideas, but on Swap Ideas Day, you could have the perfect excuse to push for something you believe in. Just be aware that, like with anything else, you might be saddled with a suggestion you don’t exactly care for.

As a new and ill-defined celebration, Swap Ideas Day is only really limited by your imagination, and how much those around you will accept. For a fun way to spend an afternoon, to connect with the people you love, or even to take a step forward in business, this is a celebration well worth checking out.

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