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Are You Ready for International Batman Day?

Did you know that there’s a whole international calendar day dedicated just to Batman? The unofficial holiday on 1st May is a very special 24 hours observed by Batman fans the world over. For those that love Batman, it’s a great opportunity to immerse yourself in all things Gotham City.

Who is Batman?

Batman is perhaps one of the widest-known superheroes in the world. Some may argue, he and his alter ego, Bruce Wayne, are in fact the most popular of all the comic book heroes. The character was first published in Detective Comics (DC), created by illustrator Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger. The first issue of the DC comic was published on 30 March 1939.

The idea behind Batman was to hang on the coattails of Superman’s popularity. By 1940, Batman had become so popular he had his own stand-alone comic. By the 1950s, despite a dip in the popularity of superheroes, Batman still remained popular. By the 1960s he had his own television show and his stories had taken on a slight sci-fi twist. In 1964 however, even Batman fell out of fashion, and DC thought about killing him off completely. Thankfully, they decided to regenerate him and give him a new look. By 1966, he was popular once again and comics were circulating at a rate of 900,000 international unit sales.

Batman to the next level

Batman remained endearing throughout the subsequent years, but it wasn’t until the 1990s when films like Batman Forever and Batman and Robin were released that it reached new heights of public adoration. The later Christopher Nolan releases, such as Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises, brought a new, dark, vibe to the franchise, and cemented the caped crusader’s place in history as one of the most iconic series and characters of all time.

Its popularity led to consumers demanding new ways to enjoy it including spin-offs, books, toys, collectibles, and even slot machines. Superfans, and even those who just enjoy Batman, can enjoy playing slots that utilise graphics, music, and characters from the original series. Other forms of games are also popular such as video games, mobile titles, and even board games.

The very first Batman Day took place on 23 July in 2014. It was first held to celebrate the appearance of Batman in the comics back in the 30s. It intentionally coincided with Comic-Con in San Diego, which is usually held on this day of September every year. Since then, Batman Day has been held on the third weekend of the month. 

Fans typically celebrate by dressing up as their favorite characters, playing video games or slots, or catching up on their comics. Alternatively, many will binge-watch the films from the first right up to the latest, in an effort to enjoy their favorite characters.

With International Batman Day just around the corner, you still have time to get a great Batman-themed costume together, figure out which films to binge-watch, and arrange any Batman-themed events with your Batman-loving buddies!

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