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Are you ready for International Look Alike Day 2021?

Did you know that April 20 is International Look Alike Day? Well, it is! An entire day out of 365 to celebrate those who look like others. This could be twins or other sets of siblings, or just people who bear an uncanny resemblance to another person. Either way, this is the day to celebrate it while remembering that everyone is unique, regardless of how they look.

There isn’t much information available on how this day started. Some say it was started sometime in the 1980s by a journalist called Jack Etzel in Pittsburgh, USA. He was on the hunt for a story bringing together people that looked alike, or members of the public that thought they looked like celebrities. It was so popular, he decided to do it each year on the same day, and therefore that’s where the tradition came from.

Since then, the popularity of the day has spread and has become a time of much amusement the world over!

Facts about doppelgangers

  • The word doppelganger, meaning someone who looks the same as another, comes from the German language and roughly translates as “double walker”.
  • It’s said that everyone in the world has at least one doppelganger and as many as seven.
  • In some cultures, doppelgangers are considered bad luck. If you met your double, it was believed to signal impending illness or bad luck.
  • The likelihood of sharing the exact facial features of someone else is 1 in 1 trillion.
  • Folklore also says that a doppelganger doesn’t have a shadow or a reflection in a mirror or water.

Some of the freakiest dopplegangers

There are lots of celebrity doppelgangers that make us do double-takes. For example, indie actor and musician Zooey Deschanel and pop sensation Katy Perry often get mistaken for each other due to their dark locks and striking blue eyes. British Actor Thandie Newton said she is often mistaken for actor Zoe Saldana. They both have the same dark skin, delicate bone structure, and large brown eyes. It gets really freaky when you see pictures of Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester. From their distinctive hooded eyes to their dimples and nose shape, these two were definitely separated at birth!

Other notable celebrity twins include Theo James and James Franco, Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood, and Michelle Williams and Carey Mulligan.

How to celebrate

There are various ways you can celebrate this exciting day! Firstly, you can take to social media, post a picture, and hope to find your twin-from-another-mother by using certain hashtags. Secondly, you can try out various lookalike finders online.

You just upload your photo and it searches a database to reveal people who have similar facial features to you. You can also hope that the superstition about doppelgangers being bad luck is not true, and try your hand at some slots to celebrate this fun and fascinating day. At the very least, you can make your own luck, lookalike or not, and enjoy the excitement and intrigue of a wide range of slots on our site! Happy Lookalike Day!

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