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Big Hearted Britain

Today is World Kindness Day so we thought we’d take a look at what a generous bunch us Brits really are.

New research has revealed that 85% of Brits plan to share a large sum of money winnings with family – and 60% with friends – but 11% have good karma as their main motivation for this.

The research found that Glaswegians are the most family-oriented, with 90% planning to spoil their relatives with a lavish gift if they have a lucky win. That’s compared to just under half of people willing to do so in the least-generous region, Yorkshire and the Humber (49%). The city most likely to share with friends is Cardiff, with 29% saying they would treat their closest pals if they won a large sum of money.

What Brits would treat their friends and family to if they won big

1.            Holiday (43%)

2.            Helping Pay bills (41%)

3.            Paying off their mortgage (36%)

4.            Dinner and drinks (27%)

5.            Buying a new car (21%)

6.            Help with home renovations (20%)

7.            A spa break (15%)

8.            Buying the latest technology e.g. laptop, TV or smartphone (13%)

9.            Wardrobe overhaul (9%)

10.         Season ticket for their favourite sporting event (8%)

Benevolent Brits also have charity donations front of mind when playing to win big; on average, participants would consider donating almost 9% (£4,437) out of a £50,000 win. Those from Sheffield are the most philanthropic, with 34% saying they’d give to charity if they won a large sum of money.

Despite likely earning less than their older peers, the younger generation (Gen Z) were by far the most generous. On average they would donate £7,206 of £50,000 winning to a charity, whereas baby boomers would only donate £2,724.

Bingo players, however, are the most generous of Brits, with 71% stating they would share winnings with friends compared to 36% of those who don’t play bingo, and a huge 94% of players saying they’d share a windfall with family. In Buzz Bingo clubs across the country, a total average of £3.9 million per week is up for grabs – and the research suggests these lucky winners are spreading that fortune to their friends and family.

Bingo is not just an opportunity to win big sums of money; for a lot of players it is a great way to have a fun night out with family and friends and connect with their local communities. We see this happening every day in our clubs, so it’s no surprise to us to see that Britons are a generous bunch – and are sharing their winnings with loves ones.

It’s great to see that people can do good when winning big sums of money – especially Bingo players – and they are mindful of how they share with others.

What would you do if you won big? Share it, spend it, keep it all to yourself? Let us know.

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