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Buzz Has Talent Show 2 – Vote Now

The tension is rising and week two is finally here! Did your favourite from last week get through, let us know in the comments below.

A whole new raft of talents is coming at you this week so get those voting fingers ready and pick your favourite. We want you to tell us who you think needs to be in the final and competing for a chance to win the coveted Buzz Has Talent 2021 trophy!

Did you rock out with Devin, sing along with Craig and Martin, watch John in awe and be moved by Katie’s creative genius?

Now cast your vote and cross your fingers. Don’t forget to shout for your favourite on your Club’s Facebook page and get everyone ese to vote for them too!

17 thoughts on “Buzz Has Talent Show 2 – Vote Now

  1. I vote for Devin, a wonderful guitarist (oh to be able to play an instrument with that skill & confidence……)

  2. I vote for Philip from Wigan Town for his amazing talent – very skilful and takes a lot of patience to do them xx

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