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Celebrating Eat an Extra Dessert Day

We don’t know about you, but some days, one helping of dessert just doesn’t quite do it for us. Thankfully, today we present you with a very valid reason to go and get that second portion!

Enter September 4, also known as Eat an Extra Dessert Day. Finally! We wish we’d known about this day earlier, so we’ll be sure to mark it on our calendars until we eventually suffer death by chocolate.

Before we help ourselves, though, we’d better explain where this special day comes from, and give you our suggestions about how to make the most of it.

An Origin Story

Like many of the more unusual yearly celebrations that we hope will become widespread (could we make this one a bank holiday?), there’s actually no accepted historical story of where Eat an Extra Dessert Day came from.

Perhaps it was the result of an extremely popular local event that got wonderfully out of hand, or maybe it came from our collective deepest desires and manifested itself onto our calendar.

Whatever the case, the result is the same; this is a day to do what we always want to and let ourselves indulge.

How to Celebrate

Though the basic idea of how to celebrate this day is in the name, if we really want to pay the day it’s due, we need to look a step further. Eat an Extra Dessert Day isn’t just an excuse to grab another handful of choccies, it can also be a day to appreciate how much the simple idea of dessert means to us.

Whether you want to share the experience with friends or family, engage with the culture surrounding one of your favourite dishes, or just take a well deserved day off your diet, there are infinite ways to celebrate.

If you want to make an event of it, grab the people closest to you and use the day as an excuse to share what you each love. Show them your favourite dessert and explain what you love about it and how much it means to you. Try out theirs, listen to their stories, and share your recipes (or which shops have it on offer). You might end up with a new dessert to add to your repertoire!

Going cultural could also be a great idea, especially if you’re from a family with a strong sense of history. Even if the dessert is a little out of your modern wheelhouse, having an extra dessert that goes back to your ancestor’s roots can be a fantastic way to expand your horizons. You could even learn how to make it in the traditional way. Even if you mess it up, at least you’ll have your first dessert to fall back on!

To make the first bite of your extra dessert even more satisfying, we could also suggest that you spend the day getting in the mood, and building anticipation before dessert time arrives. Spend the day looking at desserts or recipes, and check out all those pages with food pictures that make your mouth water. You could even warm up by playing some of our more delicious slot titles, like Candy Burst or Sweet Bonanza.

Whatever your choice, know that there are no wrong answers. Do whatever you feel best with, even if that means keeping things simple. Most of all, remember that there’s no set agreement for what constitutes one dessert portion!

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  1. Omgosh the best pudding I’ve had for years as definitely got to be the apple,rhubarb and raspberries crumble at buzz bingo’s very own club at top Valley geeeezes it’s hands down a no brainer its that bad I always grab 2 for a whole £6.50 lmao and could still eat more lmao 😅 so please would you invest in some bigger pudding bowls..

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