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Congratulations Effie

Effie from Cleethorpes was our big winner was the big jackpot winner in our Bingo-ho-ho promotion. She bagged herself a nice Christmas bonus of £13,900.02.

Effie said, “I have seen lots of people win jackpots and you never think that will happen to you, but it has!

I’m now able to buy my wife a reliable car, she is a keyworker and has worked throughout this pandemic. I’ll get a nice new laptop for myself.

I still cannot believe it, it is unbelievable to see that money in the bank. The site is trustworthy and the money was recieved quickly.

It will make a difference to our life.”

Congratulations again, Effie and we hope you and your wife have a very merry Christmas.

One thought on “Congratulations Effie

  1. Lovely outcome and with the the right people involved and a little of believing of what’s happening inside well done x

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