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Embrace Your Geekiness Day

You might think you are too cool to be considered a geek but being a geek doesn’t mean you have to grow a beard, wear thick-rimmed glasses and live in your parent’s basement surrounded by custom-built gaming computers (although that almost certainly qualifies you). Geekiness comes in many forms and you may fit into the category without even realising it.

Proud to be a Geek

In days gone by, the term geek was used to describe the most oddball members of society such as Victorian circus performers. But today, the word has more positive meanings and is associated with the most passionate and creative amongst us. For some, being a geek might mean collecting Marvel comic books or football memorabilia. For others, it might mean watching action movies from the 1980s or listening to vinyl jazz records. Whatever you are crazy about, being a geek is pretty awesome and “Embrace Your Geekiness Day” is designed to celebrate this fact. It’s the perfect time to stand up and be proud of all your nerdy habits.

Intergalactic Geeks

Our live stream and video content producer, Roger, is also a seasoned geek. Yes, he has a beard and wears glasses and plaid shirts but his real geekiness comes from his obsession with all things Star Wars-related. Like many people of a certain age, he just can’t get enough of the intergalactic shenanigans of Luke Skywalker and co. From the original movies, through to the recent Mandalorian series, Roger has Star Wars in his blood and would love nothing more than to go and live in a galaxy far, far away.

Space and science fiction are commonly linked with geekiness. Star Trek fans (or Trekkies) in particular have a reputation for their total obsession with the TV and movies series. The TV show was first shown in 1966 and is still going strong with new series still being produced. If you like casino games, you can even boldly go where no one has gone before with Captain Picard and his crew thanks to the Star Trek slot game on Buzz Bingo.

Geek Means Smart

The good news is that the word geek is now associated with intelligence. So, if someone describes you as a geek, they probably view you as smart and technically savvy. You may find that when your friends have a problem with their latest gadget, they will reach out to you for help. Take this as a compliment – you are like their geeky superhero who flies in to save the day. Such are the positive connotations with the word that more people than ever now describe themselves as a bit of a geek.

So, geeks of the world, Embrace Your Geekiness Day is your chance to shine. It’s your chance to show off your knowledge, revel in your passion and engage with other like-minded souls. You could even encourage others to embrace their inner geek and display their passion to the world. Because deep down, we all have a little bit of geek inside us.

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