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Five Weird and Wonderful New Year’s Resolutions We Never Keep

Every year on December 31, we’ll tell anyone unfortunate enough to be within earshot that the next 12 months will be “our time”. Quite why we convince ourselves that life-changing moments can be executed at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve is unclear. However, when January glints on the horizon, a lot of us make resolutions and by today have usually broken them. It is, after all, ditch your new year’s resolution day!

In fact, according some studies, 60% of us make New Year’s resolutions. Other studies, including Gallop Polls, put the figure closer to 50%. Wherever the line lies, one fact that’s almost indisputable is that few of us achieve what we set out to achieve. A 2014 study from the US showed that 35% of people failed to achieve their resolutions. Richard Wiseman from the University of Bristol found that 88% of people fail.

Again, the line is probably somewhere in between those two extremes. What we do know, however, is that most of us fail. In fact, such is the failure rate that there’s a day dedicated to failed New Year’s resolutions. Just as the Chinese calendar celebrates years with animals – for example, our Year of the Dog slot is dedicated to 2019 (i.e. the Year of the Dog) – Western cultures mark days with events.

New Year’s Resolutions Most of Us Have Made (and Broken)

On January 17, 2021, it’s Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day. Basically, this is a day for those who want to withdraw their involvement from what’s a futile practice. Now, we know that some of you will follow through with your resolutions.

However, we also know that some of you won’t and, of those who do insist on carrying on, many will regret the sacrifices they made. If you’re one of those people, January 17 is the day for you. Of course, to withdraw a resolution, you need to make one. With that in mind, here are some common and some not so common pledges made during the fervour of a New Year’s party.

  1. Lose Weight – We’ve all said, we’ve all tried it and we’ve all failed. As resolutions go, this is by far the most common.
  2. Give Up X – Insert whatever vice you like. Most people say they want to give up smoking or chocolate. The reality is that it’s hard to give up something you’ve made an integral part of your life.
  3. Save Money – Most of us would like a little bit more money, which leaves us with two options: earn more and/or save more. When the New Year dawns, a lot of us vow to do the latter.
  4. Watching Every Episode of Power Rangers – OK, so it’s a strange one but it’s something Twitter user Tim_Foolery91 vowed to do in 2019. Strangely enough, he did it. Obviously, you can choose your own TV show.
  5. Leave One Crisp – You can choose sweets or anything else edible. However, if you want to be like Harrison Scriver, you’ll leave one crisp in the packet as your New Year’s resolution. Why? Well, why not!

If you’ve got any weird and wonderful resolutions, let us know. Of course, if you’re committed to getting more from Buzz Bingo, we’d love to hear it.

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