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Get Clued Up and Cuddly on Take Your Teddy to Work Day

Did you know that October 9 is national Take Your Teddy to Work Day? No, well now you do. Here at Buzz Bingo HQ, we’ve got our own collection of stuffed dudes that keep us company in the office. In fact, if you check out the picture below, you’ll see that we’ve even got some branded bears. However, we know that not everyone has their own mascots.

So, in honour of it being Take Your Teddy to Work Day, we’ve come up with some quick bear-based facts you can impress your colleagues with. Not only that, we’ve got a few ideas on how you can get in on the action without a teddy of your own.

Top Teddy Facts

Boost your bear-based knowledge with these terrific teddy facts:

  1. The term “teddy bear” dates back to 1905 according to the Oxford English Dictionary. However, it’s thought to have originated in the US three years earlier after President Theodore Roosevelt (Teddy) refused to shoot an already injured bear on a hunting trip.
  2. We all know that teddy bears love to go on a picnic, but do you know why? Well, because Jimmy Kennedy added words to a tune composed in 1907 by JK Bratton called the Teddy Bear Two Step.
  3. The most expensive teddy ever sold at auction was the Steiff and Louis Vuitton Bear. The suitably dapper toy sold for a mindboggling $2.1 million/£1.6 million.

Take Part in Take Your Teddy to Work Day Without a Teddy

If you’ve not got a teddy of your own, never fear. Here are three ideas to help you join in on Take Your Teddy to Work Day:

  1. Borrow someone else’s or, maybe, pinch one from your child’s bedroom.
  2. It’s an obvious one, but why not wear a bear costume? Our choice would be Bungle from Rainbow.
  3. Build your own bear. Yes, there are fancy shops where you can do it. However, in just two minutes (see video below), you can knock up your own teddy using a towel, a ribbon and some stick-on eyes.

So, there you have it. You should now have some facts and, of course, a bear to take into the office on this very cuddly day.

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