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Get Yourself in a Spin this St Patrick’s Day

If there’s one national day that everyone celebrates, regardless of their nationality or cultural persuasions, it’s St Patrick’s Day. Taking place on March 17 each and every year, this national day is marked on the calendar to commemorate the life of a Romano-British Christian missionary called Patrick. As well as being a missionary, Patrick was a bishop who came from a long line of religious figures.

Much of his life is revealed in the Declaration which many people believe was written by the man himself. Now, we’re not going to accuse a saint of embellishing his own accomplishments. However, we know that people like to big themselves up, so he may have been a little liberal with the truth. Regardless, the life of St Patrick has become the stuff of legend. He was the man who converted Irish pagans to Christianity. He’s also said to have ridden Ireland of snakes. In truth, snakes are an allegory for druids; a group of people he did drive out of Ireland. Whatever he did, Patrick made an impact.

Such was his impact on Ireland that he was made a saint and, today, people around the world celebrate his life. Of course, for many revellers, the day is simply a chance to sample another of Ireland’s famous exports: Guinness. Big hats with green wigs are optional but one thing that people simply can’t do without is a few pints of the black stuff.

As you’d expect, we like to celebrate St Patrick’s day in our own way. Yes, we like a little tipple, but we also have our own tradition. That tradition is a spin on two on some of the best Irish slots in the world. Scroll through the Buzz Bingo gaming lobby and you’ll find shamrocks, pots of gold, leprechauns and more.

The Best Irish Slots at Buzz Bingo

If you want to enjoy St Patrick’s day with a spin or two, we’d suggest taking a look at the following:

Emerald King: This neat little slot has an RTP of 96.51%, 20 paylines and a minimum bet of £0.20. Alongside these qualities, you’ve got a unique bonus feature that can bring 15 mini slot machines into play which, in turn, gives you 15 new ways to win.

Fields O’ Clover: Ireland is synonymous with green fields. When you play Fields O’ Clover, you’re transported to one such piece of greenery. However, instead of flowers, you’ll find 25 paylines, wild symbols, free spins and nudges.

Irish Frenzy: St Patrick’s Day is a party. We know that. You know that. If there’s a slot that encapsulates this tradition, it’s Irish Frenzy. This Blueprint Gaming creation features five reels, 10 paylines and payouts topping 5,000X your bet when you hit the right combo of free spins and wilds.

They’re just three Irish slots inside the Buzz Bingo lobby, but there are plenty more. As well as those that make explicit reference to Ireland, there are plenty that capture the Irish spirit. So, if you’re looking to enjoy the craic this St Patrick’s Day, make sure you check out what our slots lobby has to offer.

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