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Honesty is Always the Best Policy on Honesty Day

If you’re fed up with being the butt of pranksters in your family or friendship group every April Fools’ Day, you can get your own back by forcing them to celebrate Honesty Day with you later in the month.

What and when is Honesty Day?

Honesty Day is most popular in the US and was the brainchild of a man named M. Hirsh Goldberg. Mr Goldberg selected the final day of April for Honesty Day for two specific reasons – 1) as the antithesis of April Fools’ Day which is held on the first day of April and 2) in celebration of the First inauguration of George Washington on April 30, 1789.

George Washington was the first President of the United States – the Founding Father of the USA who led the Patriots to victory in the nation’s fight for independence. Washington has since been described as the Father of His Country, such was his leadership and role in underpinning the USA in its earliest years.

Honesty Day was created by Mr Goldberg in the early 1990s, encouraging everyone to be open and honest and answer questions from friends with more honesty than ever before.

The campaign has since evolved into one that seeks to shine a spotlight on political lies in honour of George Washington, who worked so hard to build the US constitution. Throughout the day, social media campaigners seek to encourage politicians to steer clear of lies and be upfront with their people. Mr Goldberg still gets involved with the campaign he created some 30 years later, dishing out ‘honesty awards’ to people, businesses and organisations that have stayed true to their people.

Where else is Honesty Day observed?

Honesty Day is also huge in Italy. Although it’s celebrated on a different day of the year – the Sunday before Christmas to be precise.

The Italians’ National Honesty Day is designed as a protest against the manipulation and exploitation of the commercial world, along with unfulfilled promises of the past. It’s not quite as significant in Italian culture as the December 8 and the celebration of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, but it’s something!

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