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How is St George’s Day celebrated around the world?

St George’s Day is widely celebrated on 23 April every year. There are some occasions it will be on a different day in the UK if it falls between Palm Sunday and Easter Day to avoid it clashing with Church of England celebrations.

But it’s not just in England where St George’s Day is a big deal. George may be the patron saint of England but he also fills that role for Georgia, Bulgaria, Portugal, Catalonia, and Aragon. On this day every year, people come together to celebrate St George and also to carry out a range of different traditions.

Where did St George come from?

St George, otherwise known as George of Lydda, is one of Christianity’s most venerated saints. His mother was from Palestine from the city of Lod, and his father was from Cappadocia in modern-day Turkey. They were both Christians and raised George as such. In fact George was so devout that he was killed for refusing to recant his faith. He is buried in a tomb in the Church of St George in his mothers’ hometown.

St George’s Day is even mentioned in some Muslim texts as a prophetic figure who was believed to be in contact with the apostles of Jesus.

He was made the patron St of England by Edward III and the Order of the Garter of St George was started in 1350. It’s also rumoured that he killed a dragon near Uffington – that’s probably what the saint is most famous for! Legend says that when the dragon died, its blood stained the ground and no grass will ever grow there again.

How is St George’s Day celebrated?

Not every St George’s Day is celebrated in the same way, as the festivities vary from location to location:

  • In England, the festival is generally celebrated with the flying of the St George’s flag in the streets, pubs, and public areas. Some places will organise street parties or events, others will watch displays of morris dancing and even Punch and Judy shows.
  • Fans of online slots can also enjoy playing specially-themed St George slots that even feature the legendary dragon! This is a great way to get in on the excitement of the day. Great examples include dragon-themed slots like Dragon Kingdom, Dragon Spark, and Dragon’s Luck Deluxe. You could even try slots that are themed like Knights to give yourself a bit of a St George vibe. Mighty Black Knight and Knights Keep are great for those who want to play slots that are themed around this particular period of time!
  • In Russia, citizens pin a black and orange ribbon to their breast to display their patronage to the date. Meanwhile, in Bulgaria, a whole lamb is traditionally eaten. People will gather around to roast them on a spit over a large fire after taking an early morning walk and splashing their faces with dew.
  • In Croatia and Albania, fire is used to mark the day by way of large bonfires and some singing and dancing.
  • In the Spanish regions of Catalonia and Aragon, it’s a public holiday and red roses and books are exchanged between couples.

However you decide to celebrate St George’s Day and wherever you are celebrating it’s always good fun. You can learn about the story of the Saint and the dragon, but if you are looking for a way to entertain yourself, slots are always a good bet!

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