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It’s Make a Gift Day Tomorrow

Every year, Make a Gift Day is designed to celebrate those hand-crafted gifts of love and affection that show you care over the festive season.

There is something uniquely special about opening a gift. It’s the uncertainty of wondering what it is inside, which is as exhilarating as waiting for the outcome of your ten free spins in Santa Surprise, one of our popular seasonal slots.

The clock is ticking down to this year’s Make a Gift Day on 3rd December. Is this the first you’ve heard of this annual tradition? If you fancy trying your hand at producing a gift for a loved one, whether or not you’re a dab hand at arts and crafts, read on as we suggest five items you can craft that money can’t buy and will mean the world to friends or family.

  1. Survival Kit for Parents-to-Be
    We’re only a matter of days away from the first official “Lockdown Babies”. If you have a family member or close friend that’s about to become a parent for the first time, the chances are they will appreciate a hand-made ‘Survival Kit’ to keep them going through those early weeks of parenthood. Whether it’s gifts to help them recharge the batteries and pamper, create precious memories with the new baby or to simply stay sane, think of it like a hamper of goodies and practical accessories that will spoil them rotten. Blogger Ashley Brooke Nicholas offers a good starting point for items to fill it.
  2. Handmade Christmas Tree Baubles
    Looking for arts and crafts to do with your creative little ones? What better way to get messy than to let your kids design their own Christmas tree baubles? Your kids could make baubles for each grandparent to put on their own Christmas trees too. It’s amazing what a little glitter, paint and glue can do to feed the imagination of young’uns!
  3. Knitted Winter-Warmer Blanket
    Who knew you could turn your hand to knitting blankets within the space of 45 minutes? Arm knitting guru Simply Maggie has provided a simply tutorial to mastering the art of arm knitting that can allow you to hand-craft a cosy, snuggly blanket for a loved one as the perfect Christmas present. Arm knitting uses your arms as the knitting needles, generating super-chunky results.
  4. DIY Stencilled Scarf
    Scarves are some of the most popular Christmas gifts for loved ones, but there’s no need to splash out megabucks on a trendy designer scarf when you can create your own unique shapes. Select a coloured scarf that your loved one will love i.e. a colour they regularly wear or one that suits them. Make sure it’s a plain scarf with no existing patterns. You can then accent the scarf yourself using stencils and acrylics with stunning results.
  5. Handprinted Jewellery Tray
    These handprinted jewellery trays are a great way to celebrate and preserve the youth of your little tykes. Formed out of marbled clay, acrylic paints and pens, it’s another fun, hands-on task you can all enjoy during Make a Gift Day. Rhythms of Play outlines their seven-step process to creating, sealing and protecting these unique ring or jewellery dishes.

Be sure to make a note of 3rd December as Make a Gift Day and get those creative juices flowing! Let us know in the comments what you’re making this year.

One thought on “It’s Make a Gift Day Tomorrow

  1. My small business is called Handcrafted Pom Pom Creations.
    I started this business just after the first lockdown. I started making little things during lockdown. my little boy loved them all and it gave me the idea to get something proper started.
    I just want a better life for me and my 4 year old boy so i’m trying my hardest to work from home whilst enjoying seeing him grow up.
    This year I have been making all sorts, dreamcatchers, blankets scarfs. i’ve been teaching myself how to crochet.
    Its really good and its a great hobby to get into and I think anybody could do it.

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