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Lockdown Easter Bunny

Julian Turner works at our South Shields club and he wanted to help out a cause that is close to his heart. 

Waves is a local charity that provides support to those with additional needs and as Julian has three autistic children, they work together regularly. Lockdown has been a particularly hard time for some children, especially those with additional needs and Julian knew exactly how to put a smile on a lot of those faces. 

The charity bought 100 Easter Eggs just before lockdown and were given 100 more so Julian did his best Easter Bunny impression and delivered two Easter Eggs to 100 children brightening up their day. 

Julian said: “It’s very hard mentally at the moment but when you see a smile on some of these children then it makes it worth it, especially when my three gave their eggs to the children down the street saying these children deserve them more than me. I’m so proud of my children, and I feel pride that I have made 100 children smile for at least one day of this horrible lockdown.”

We’re proud of you too Julian, what a great thing to do.  

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