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Look Who We Share Our Birthday With!

It’s Buzz Bingo’s birthday today, and we’re officially two this year. There’s nobody else we’d rather celebrate with than you, the incredible Buzz Bingo community – you lovely lot mean the world to us.

Let’s sing!

“Happy birthday to Buzz, happy birthday to Buzz, happy birthday dear the best bingo and slots in the worrrrld, happy birthday to Buzz!”

We thought it’d be interesting to see who shares our birthday.

1. Meat Loaf
Like a bat out of hell, Meat Loaf celebrates his birthday on Sunday 27th September just like us. He’s one of the best-selling artists of all time with over 80million record sales worldwide, a self-confessed sex god, and apparently his nickname is Meat. Just Meat, without the Loaf. And, just like that, there’s our birthday dinner plans sorted – we’re having homemade meat loaf!

2. Gwyneth Paltrow
Actress, singer, food writer, and Goop CEO Gwyneth celebrated her birthday last year on a date in New York City with her husband Brad. We have the feeling her 2020 celebrations will be a little different to ours, because is she giving a free holiday away in every single Buzz Bingo club? Nope, but we are! Does she have £145,000 jackpot that must be won by the end of our birthday day? No, but we do!

3. Avril Lavigne
We can’t help but agree whenever we hear Avril sing “Why you gotta go and make things so complicated?” – YES AVRIL, we feel you! That’s why we don’t have any wagering requirements, why we include all extras in our club bingo session price, and why we’ve got easy-peasy Free Bingo. It’s free, it’s bingo, and you can play it every day from 10am to 10pm. See? We like to make things easy. Maybe it’s because we share the same birthday as Avril Lavigne!

4. Lil Wayne
Honestly, we’re not entirely sure who Lil Wayne is, but he’s famous and he shares our birthday so we thought we’d investigate. A quick Google search revealed some impressive facts. He’s an internationally famous rap star and CEO of Young Money Entertainment, he’s got 100s of nicknames but the most popular is Weezy, and he’s currently dating the amazing #NoWrongWay curve model Denise Bidot. We listened to Weezy’s music, our favourite song is also his most popular – Lollipop. And what do you know? In the Lollipop music video, Lil Wayne’s having a blast with lots of friends in Las Vegas casinos! Weezy, Denise, and all his friends are welcome to play slots and bingo at Buzz Bingo clubs any time.

Which famous people share your birthday? Let us know in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Look Who We Share Our Birthday With!

  1. I’m not sure if I’m a skater, but boy that’s uncoupling feeling you get when you here sliding doors, however happy birthday buzz, ur celeb pals must be in paradise now you have shone the lights on their dash to the exit, going like a bat out of hell just to know lifes so complicated, that chris martin the most mellow rock and roll star was looking like ‘trouble’ was brewing if the guys doing the steps at buzz hadnt fixed his ex, who wasnt so much little bit of a wain, but a massive class a pain in the neck, that she makes suckers have a rush of blood to the head, but still two out of three of them are top folks and that ain’t too bad as they rich as fox and they got money. Boom

    Pun based poetry just for you guys

  2. I’m a through and through Taurus, I was born on St George’s day 23rd April, the queen also celebrates her birthday twice, on 23rd and in June.(which is her real bday).
    Then on my 7th bday my sister was born.

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