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Meet The Manager – Julie-Ann from Basildon

Today we’re off to beautiful Basildon to speak the the gem that is Julie-Ann.

How long have you worked for us?

Eight years

How long have you been a manager?

25 years

What’s the best thing about your club?

The team! It’s true what they say, when you love what you do it’s not work and the team and the customers we see are the biggest part of that for me. Watching the team interact with our customers and seeing how much that brightens up the day of our customers is great.  

What’s the most exciting thing that has happened while you’ve been a manager?

I’ve had many great nights in bingo but when people win big and the feeling in the club is truly exciting. 

Why should people come to your club?

Because the team here really care about people and giving great customer service. 

What are your favorite hobbies?

Gardening and holidays (hopefully I can go on one soon!)  

Hamster sized hippo or hippo sized hamster?

Hamster sized hippo??? What an odd question lol.

What’s your biggest fear?


What’s your karaoke song?

Whatever, after a few beers I’ll murder any song!

What’s your hidden talent?

Clearing a room when on karaoke!

If you could be on any TV show what would it be and why?

Top Gear. I’d love to drive to beautiful locations in amazing cars. 

What would be your specialist subject on Mastermind? 

I guess I’d choose films by Martin Scorsese.

Thanks for answering our questions Julie-Ann. We’re definitely up for a karaoke duet whenever we get a chance!

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