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Meet The Manager – Liz from Swindon

We’re flying off to sweet Swindon to see lovely Liz today.

How long have you worked for us?

Five years

How long have you been a manager?

A general manager for four years. I’ve had previous management roles for more than 10 years.

What’s the best thing about your club?

The atmosphere – when it’s busy the club comes alive with a “buzz” that I absolutely love. It’s great to hear customers laughing and having a good time.

What’s the most exciting thing that has happened while you’ve been a manager?

I was nominated for General Manager of the year in 2019 and was very proud of this. 

Why should people come to your club?

We’ve got great prize money and we’ve celebrated loads of big winners such as a £50,000 National Jackpot win.

What are your favourite hobbies?

I’m fluent in Spanish so enjoy reading and watching Spanish releases. I love playing tennis too and have an annual pass to my local club.

Hamster sized hippo or hippo sized hamster?

Hippo sized hamster, I think it would give good cuddles.

What’s your biggest fear?

Singing karaoke (see next question)

What’s your karaoke song?

Anything with as little words in as possible as I am tone deaf. 

What’s your hidden talent?

I can say the phonetic alphabet really fast

If you could be on any TV show what would it be and why?

Ibiza weekender because I love holidays

What would be your specialist subject on Mastermind?

Capital cities

Thanks for answering our questions, Liz. We’d love to know your Spanish recommendations.

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