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Mix it Up This Halloween with These Spooky Celebration Ideas

Spooky season is officially upon us, which means it’s time to dust off your witch’s hat and trick or treat-yo-self. But let’s “creep” it real for a second. While Halloween is always a time for sweet treats, bad horror movies, and cider, you might be looking for some ways to mix things up in 2021. If you wanna give ’em pumpkin to talk about, try celebrating this year’s Halloween a little differently, by trying out some of these spooky season experiences.

1. Spooky slots

Here at Buzz Bingo, we love our online slot games. In keeping with the spirit of the spooky season, we have no shortage of super scary slot games that will keep you entertained in true Halloween spirit.

If you’re more of a vampire fan, make sure to play our Vampire Hunters slot for true terror, or the Vampire Desire slot for some Twilight-level romance.

Meanwhile, Zombie Rush Deluxe combines hordes of the undead with massive jackpot prizes, while the official Ghostbusters slot is an endlessly fun way to revisit one of the best Halloween films of all time. 

2. Creepy cocktails

What better way to ring in the cold, dark nights than with a classy and creepy cocktail party? Forego the apple cider and the Halloween punch and instead opt for something a little bit more refined.

There are tons of recipes for you to choose from, ranging from a pumpkin spice white Russian to a “witches brew” cocktail. Give them a try!

3. Secret Santa… but for costumes!

Tired = picking out your own costume and wearing it all night. 

Wired = picking out someone else’s costume without giving them any clues as to who they are going to spend Halloween as. 

You’ve heard of the concept of Secret Santa, where everyone in the group gives one present to someone else so that everyone gives and receives one present overall.

Well now, you can do the same with costumes. Enter a random draw and see which friend you get, then make sure to have as much fun as possible picking out a hilarious or terrifying costume that they have to wear! 

4. Blood-curdling banquet

You don’t often hear the words “Halloween” and “dinner party” in the same sentence, but the concept is becoming increasingly popular.

Instead of throwing a rager or settling in for a horror movie marathon, you could try throwing a classy Halloween dinner for your nearest and dearest. You could, of course, stipulate a strict dress code stating that everyone has to come in costume.

You could even do a specific theme of costume that is fitting for a dinner party, such as undead Great Gatsby or dinner at Dracula’s castle. And, of course, don’t forget to have as much fun as possible with the food. Did somebody order pumpkin?  

These are our favourite ideas for anyone who is looking to do something a little bit different this Halloween. Whether it’s spooky season slot games or creepy cocktails, a perfect Halloween awaits you. 

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