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Celebrating National Dog Day

26th August 2021

Every dog has its day, and while this saying might have been popularised by Shakespeare in the 1600s, it has a more modern application as well: August 26th. Though the bard was probably not being literal, we’d be remiss to pass up the opportunity of celebrating man’s best friend. So, get some treats ready, remember that dogs don’t understand the concept of the Gregorian calendar, and let’s show our furry friends just how much they mean to us.

Left Handers’ Day

13th August 2021

If you are right-handed, then you probably didn’t even spare a thought for the everyday issues that left-handers face – and that’s where Left Handers’ Day comes in. Every year on the 13th of August, left handed people share their experiences of living in a world designed for right handers.

Happiness Happens Day

8th August 2021

Happiness Happens Day falls on August 8 every year and is preceded by Hunt for Happiness Week which in turn forms part of Happiness Happens Month. Now, that might sound like a whole lot of happiness going on and you’d be right – August is just one big tidal wave of cheerfulness. So, if you’re like me and revel in your grumpiness, you better strap yourself in and prepare for the ride.

Learning to Call Bingo Numbers

3rd August 2021

As great as bingo can be, learning how to be a caller can be tricky. However, that can be overcome with some time and practice. Looking at the key aspects of bingo calling, we want to explore how you too can learn this skill, to better host games of your own.

Getting Musical with Uncommon Musical Instrument Day

31st July 2021

Some yearly historical celebrations are born from mankind’s significant historical achievements, to commemorate how far we’ve come and what the best of us accomplish. Others, like Uncommon Musical Instrument Day, take a more light-hearted approach, but can still act as important cultural reminders. Set for the 31st of July, this day might not be the most relevant to our regular lives, but it can be worth embracing nonetheless.

Winner Alert! Mrs Philips Bags £10K and Now She Wants to Get Away

30th July 2021

To us, you’re all winners. Anyone that joins the Buzz Bingo family is automatically treated like a champion. However, lady luck has her own ideas. She’s a fickle mistress at times and, as much as we try to persuade her to make everyone a winner, she doesn’t always oblige. Of course, for those of you she does smile upon, the victory is that much sweeter. Well, one person who sampled the sweet nectar of success recently was Mrs Philips

How to Play Progressive Slots

26th July 2021

Whether you are a regular slot player or a newcomer to Buzz Bingo, you are bound to come across progressive slots at some point. If you don’t know what a progressive slot is, we are here to clear things up.

Millions of Families Brace as Tell an Old Joke Day Returns

24th July 2021

July 24 is an important date in human history. In 1911, explorer Hiram Bingham rediscovered Machu Pichu. In 1982, Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger began its six-week domination of the US charts. Inarguably, more importantly, July 24 also marks the date of Tell an Old Joke Day. With partners all over the world already rolling their eyes with excitement, this year’s celebrations could be the best yet.

Embrace Your Geekiness Day

13th July 2021

You might think you are too cool to be considered a geek but being a geek doesn’t mean you have to grow a beard, wear thick-rimmed glasses and live in your parent’s basement surrounded by custom-built gaming computers (although that almost certainly qualifies you). Geekiness comes in many forms and you may fit into the category without even realising it.

What Is the Best Bingo Site and What Can It Offer You?

8th July 2021

We all love bingo, and being able to play it online has opened up exciting new possibilities for playing this classic game anywhere and at any time we want to. Yet, do you know what you should look out for to ensure that you only ever play on the best possible site? Let’s take a look at a few things to keep your eyes peeled for as you search.

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