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St David’s Day Bingo Calls

The proud Welshmen and Welshwomen among you will know that March 1 is a special day on the calendar. Dedicated to the man many consider the greatest Welshman of all time (although Tom Jones might disagree), St David’s Day is a time to celebrate. Whether it’s sampling the stalky delights of the humble leek, attending a parade, or admiring the beauty of a daffodil, we all like to mark the occasion in our own ways.

Well, unsurprisingly, we too like to celebrate St David’s Day. And, perhaps even less surprisingly, we like to do it with a bit of bingo. Now, we can’t claim to have found a bingo call for every number. But, in the spirit of entertainment and education, we’ve linked a few of St David’s significant life events to our wonderful game.

St David’s Bingo Calls

The following calls are not only a bit of fun but a chance for you to learn more about the bishop who became the Patron Saint of Wales.

01 – “Do the Little Things” – These are the words that St David uttered on his deathbed. Not only have they been enshrined in Welsh folklore, they’ve become a mantra for anyone wanting to make a difference in the world, no matter how small.

06 – “David’s Century” – The 6th century saw the birth of the man who would go on to inspire many and become an icon in Wales and beyond.

12 – “Saintly Appointment” – The contributions David made weren’t truly recognised until the 12th. Only then did Pope Callixtus II venerate him.

13 – “St David’s Day” – When you separate one and three, you get the day and month we celebrate St David’s Day: 01/03.

17 – “It’s Taffy Time” – You may know the term Taffy but did you know that it comes from the 17th century and links back to Dafydd, Welsh for David? If you didn’t, you do now.

18 – “A National Celebration” – Celebrating St David’s Day might be tradition now but it wasn’t recognised as an official national day until the 16th century (what a scandal!).

51 – “Take a Leek” – Flick through a copy of Shakespeare’s Henry V and have a read of Act V, Scene 1. In a conversation between Pistol and Fluellen, the former insults the leek on St David’s Day. Fluellen forces Pistol to eat the national emblem as punishment. As the phrase goes, “If you can mock a leek, you can eat a leek”.

60 – “David’s Tribute” – Roughly, how many Welsh churches are dedicated to St David? Yep, you’ve guessed it, it’s 60.

84 – “An Arm and a Leg” – The 13th century wasn’t always a nice place to be, particularly if you got on the wrong side of King Edward I. In 1284, he took the head and arm of St David from the cathedral and showcased his remains in London (charming!).

89 – “A Sad Day” – All good things come to an end and, unfortunately, so do great things. David left this world and became a legend in 589. RIP.

So, there you have it, that’s our little tribute to St David’s Day. If you can think of any more calls, let’s us know. If we can get enough for a full list of calls, we might just turn it into a real game for next year’s celebrations!

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