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Surprising Celebrity Bingo Players

Lockdown has brought many surprises but who knew that we’d see the Royals and Matthew McConaughey play bingo?

Well, there’s more that have an appetite for the game too. Here’s our top ten surprising bingo players!

  1. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

During the first lockdown, William and Kate engaged in a spot of Zoom bingo with residents of the Shire Hall Care Home, in Cardiff. To celebrate their love of the game, we propose a new bingo call in dedication to the Royals – 58 – William and Kate

  1. Matthew McConaughey

Like the Royals, the Academy Award winning American actor hosted a round of bingo for seniors at a retirement village in Texas. The 50-year-old actor called out the numbers and winners with much enthusiasm, earning him a place on our list

  1. Russell Crowe

Turns out Hollywood actors have a thing for bingo with Russell Crowe starting out as a bingo caller… For aspiring actors out there, this is one great way to start practicing your speech and airing your (numbered) thoughts…

  1. Christiano Ronaldo

The footballers passion towards bingo supposedly began in 2003 when he was given a DVD version of the game when he first moved to the UK. Reports suggest that Ronaldo has been a fan ever since – we don’t know if he still prefers recorded sessions but when he does visit the UK, we’d love to welcome him!

  1. Paul O’Grady

TV legend, Paul O’Grady’s love for bingo began in the late 80s. In an interview, the presenter explained that during Pride he would host sessions in his marquee. To announce the game was commencing, Paul would play the Mickey Mouse Club Intro song! He said that his sessions were interestingly meat themed with players hoping to win a leg of lamb. He also went onto star in Eyes Down, a bingo themed comedy sit-com in the early 2000s. He played Ray, a manager at the Rio Bingo Hall in Liverpool

  1. Kate Moss

It has been suggested that the British supermodel, who first became famous in the 1990s, would spend her Saturday nights playing bingo with her family, more at home. Sources close to Kate mentioned that she was obsessed with the game, which allowed her to refocus her energy on something mentally stimulating

  1. Robbie Williams

Paparazzi captured images of the Take That star allegedly entering Gary Barlow’s home for a private bingo party. It has been said that Robbie is such a huge fan that his bandmates wanted to challenge his skill towards the game. We’d love to see Gary as a bingo caller, wouldn’t you?! And rumour has it, he too used to be a bingo caller before his fame. 

  1. Sharon Osbourne

In 2007, the former X-Factor judge tried her hand at bingo calling in aid of Comic Relief. The charity supposedly selected her as she is an avid fan and didn’t want to stop at dabbing but wanted to call out the infamous bingo slogans too.

  1. Linda Nolan

On a number of occasions Linda has talked about her love of going to bingo; in her autobiography she talks about going with her family and her sisters now more regularly.

  1. And finally, Paul Chuckle

The comedian has been supporting Hinchingbrooke Hospital to raise money through virtual bingo sessions

Our audience as you can see is widespread. The love of the game unites everyone.

We’d love to see one of these celebrity fans of the game in our clubs soon! The question is though, who would you like to see in your local Buzz Bingo?

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