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The Bare Facts You Need to Know About Work Naked Day

Being naked at work sounds like the sort of experience that you would startle wake from in a cold sweat, doesn’t it? Yet maybe 5 February 2021 will be the day that you decide to shed your clothes and enjoy the ultimate sense of freedom while carrying out your job.

If working naked sounds impossible then read on and find out how you could do this without causing your boss to faint.

The History of Work Naked Day

The person credited with starting Work Naked Day is called Lisa Kanare, who is an author and an expert on home offices. She said that the reason for this day isn’t for everyone to roll up to their workplace totally starkers, or for visitors to need to cover their eyes before bravely entering any office in the land.

Rather, it is about giving people the chance to sample the joys of home working, where you can feel truly comfortable regardless of whether you are wearing pyjamas, full office gear or absolutely nothing at all. It is celebrated on the first Friday of each February, meaning that this year it falls on February 5.

What isn’t clear is how many people choose to take part each year. However, with more people than ever before working from home we feel that 2021 will see more people joining in and disrobing than in past years.

How to Take Part Without Any Blushes

Are you tempted to strip for a day of working comfortably in the buff? Get it right by following the handy Buzz Bingo guide to protecting your modesty while boosting your comfort levels.

  • The first step to enjoying a day in your birthday suit is in making sure that you can work from home. With current health guidelines encouraging us all to work from home if possible, this could be the perfect opportunity to give it a try if you haven’t been able to so far.
  • If you run your own business, why not suggest a day of staying at home for everyone on February 5? You don’t need to mention the naked aspect to them if you don’t want to, as the need for social distancing is a good enough reason anyway.
  • Choose whether to get dressed or go au naturel. There is no reason to strip for success if you don’t want to, but you might like the thought of roaming your home office in the altogether. It’s really just a personal choice.
  • Be sure to plan your day, to avoid any potentially embarrassing moments, such as video conference calls you might have forgotten about or family members accidentally catching you in the nip.
  • If you have decided to shed your garments for the day, choose your home office location wisely. Avoid windows, patio doors and other areas where your confidential areas could be exposed to curious neighbours and passers-by.   

Why Join In?

The truth is that this is simply a fun way to find out whether working at home is right for you. Studies regularly show that people who work in a home office are happier and more productive, so taking off your clothes could be just part of the key to finding a new way of working that suits you perfectly.  

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