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The Biggest Valentine’s Day Mistakes You Will Want to Avoid

The story behind Valentine’s Day isn’t as sugary-sweet as you might think. Some historians think that this event can be traced back to the Feast of Lupercalia in Ancient Rome, when women would offer to be hit by animal hides in a bizarre attempt to increase their fertility.

Couples and would-be couples have been exchanging paper cards since the Middle Ages and Shakespeare even mentioned the day in Hamlet. Yet, there are still some common errors that people make in the 21st century. Never fear, star-crossed lovers, for our Buzz Bingo list of blunders to avoid on the 14th of February is here to save the day.

Trying to Cram in Too Many Romantic Activities

You will want to make this a day to remember, and this could mean arranging for a day out, a meal in a swanky restaurant, or maybe a trip to the theatre. These are all fine ideas to get the romantic feelings flowing, but you should be careful not to try and fit in more than makes sense.

It is far better to enjoy a relaxing day together in the park or to go for a walk than get stressed out by racing from one event to the next. Consider what your Valentine would most enjoy doing out of all the options and keep it simple.    

Going on a Spending Spree

It can be tempting to show your love to someone by launching into a spending spree where no heart-shaped chocs, cuddly toys, or pieces of novelty jewellery are safe from your clutches. The thought behind this buying splurge may be very noble, but wouldn’t it be better to show your love in a more heart-felt way?

Giving hand-made gifts is a smart way of creating something unique that really hits the mark. Look online and you’ll find easy projects to make the likes of pillows, pop-up cards, and gift boxes for the special person in your life.

Not Putting Enough Real Feeling into It

Does Valentine’s Day give you a warm glow or a feeling of just trying to get it all over with as painlessly as possible until next year? Approaching the most romantic day of the year in the right way is crucial if you want to make the most of it.

Forget about the commercial aspect and any part of it you don’t like. Instead, why not simply look on it as being a great opportunity to enjoy some quality time with the person you most want to spend time with?

Only Making One Day a Year This Special

What are you planning for 15 February and the rest of the year? Having a fantastic Valentine’s Day is great, but it doesn’t mean that the romance has to end once the clock strikes midnight.

Maybe you could use this year’s Valentine’s Day to introduce a new spark to your relationship. After that, the best move is to keep the flame lit for the rest of the year by using some of the same ideas on every other date in the calendar.

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