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The Surprising History Behind The Name ‘Buzzone’

It’s not every day you get to witness a moment of conception. You know, the exact time when something new is created. But today? Today we’re sharing the raw video footage of the exact moment when something unforgettable burst into our lives.

You know what we’re talking about.


If you know, you know, but if you don’t know, you’re probably asking “What the heck, Buzz Bingo?”

Here’s an explanation of why this section of the website is fondly named Buzzone.

The word ‘Buzzone’ was first uttered by Roger, Buzz Bingo’s very own celebrity. He was hosting his Live Show, way back in the hazy-crazy days when it was shiny and new.

Roger gives freebie bonuses to his viewers during his Live Shows, and on this fateful day he was giving away £1 bingo bonuses. The code to get the £1 bingo bonus was BUZZONE, because it was a BUZZ Bingo ONE pound bonus. BUZZ + ONE = BuzzOne.

Not to Roger, though. Oh no.

Roger read the word BUZZONE and decided to it had to be “Buzz-Own.” Or maybe he was thinking “Buzz-Zone?” Either way, everyone was screaming in the comments section about how he was mispronouncing it. And he just couldn’t get it! It’s genuinely one of the funniest Live Show moments in history. Watch the moment Buzzone became a thing for yourself:

But you know what? Buzzone is much more than just a mispronounced word and the name of this buzzbingo.com area, though.

It’s a hashtag:

It’s a catchphrase:

It’s a way to greet people:

It’s loved so much, people want it to be printed on t-shirts:

Buzzone water bottle anyone?

At this rate, Buzzone’s on track to become a lifestyle choice:

Buzzone t-shirts for dogs… now there’s an idea!

So, now you know why this area’s called Buzzone. It’s all thanks to our Roger and his hilarious mispronunciation! Only in Britain would a whole section of a website be named to affectionately tease someone. You gotta love British humour and friendships!

You know what do in the comments 😉

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