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Unlucky For Some: Are You Superstitious?

From spilling salt to black cats, it’s Halloween and we’ve found out the top ten superstitions in Britain.

A third of Brits believe they’re in for seven years’ bad luck if they break a mirror – which tops the UK’s list of biggest superstitions. Followed by leaving new shoes on the table, opening an umbrella indoors and walking under a leaning ladder.

As a nation, we are more concerned about the unlucky superstitions than the good ones, with only 21% believing bird poop landing on you is a good sign.

Half of Brits under 35 take this one step further, opting not to leave the house at all on Friday 13th and a huge 83% of respondents who play bingo believe that superstitions still hold up in today’s society.

Younger generations are the most affected with 3 in 5 (57%) aged 24-34 considering themselves to be superstitious compared to just 1 in 5 (20%) aged 55 and over.

From the findings, there are two main reasons why – out of habit (48%) and because their family did (31%). But crossing fingers and touching wood may not be enough, with more than half (52%) admitting to having a good luck charm, with jewellery (20%) topping the list of lucky charms.

Research also revealed a gender divide with

  • almost half (45%) of women admitting they’re superstitious compared to just over a quarter of men
  • almost a quarter (22%) of women saying they believe in ghosts compared to just 11% of men
  • men would be willing to splash the cash on a medium or physic who can connect them to a lost loved one more than women, averaging at £86.83 compared to women’s £62.89

Top 10 superstitions in Britain:

  1. Broken mirror causes seven years bad luck (29%)
  2. Walking under a leaning ladder causes bad luck (27%)
  3. Opening an umbrella indoors causes bad luck (26%)
  4. Number 13 is unlucky (25%)
  5. Knocking on wood to keep your good luck (25%)
  6. New shoes on the table is bad luck (22%)
  7. A bird’s poop landing on you is good luck (21%)
  8. Spilling salt causes bad luck (16%)
  9. A black cat crossing your path is bad luck (16%)
  10. A rabbit’s foot is good luck (11%)

Are you superstitious? What’s the number one superstition you follow? Let us know in the comments below.

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