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This is it, it’s finally here. Buzz Has Talent has arrived and the power rests in your hands!

Vote for your favourite and tell us who you think needs to be in the final and competing for a chance to win the coveted Buzz Has Talent 2021 trophy!

Did you love Ade, our Walsall Club’s deputy manager and his silky singing? Or was Philip, from Wigan Town, and his perfect penmanship your favourite? Our Irvine Host, Leah has dulcet tones, will she get your vote? Michael from Darlington can throw some smooth shapes did he dance into first place? or did Martyn, our Possil Park Manager and his funky football skills blow your socks off?

Just in case you need a little reminder of how they all did, watch this to jog your memory.

Now cast your vote and cross your fingers.

Voting is open until midnight on Monday 12th April and Roger will announce who our first finalist is, live, on Buzz Has Talent Show 2 on Tuesday 13th April.

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