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Weird and Wonderful Mother’s Day Traditions from Around the World

Mums are great. For most of us, a mother is for life and not just for Christmas. No matter how old you are, your mum will always be there to lend a hand when you’re sick, do your washing, or offer a shoulder to cry on. Basically, mums are brilliant, which is why we celebrate them every year. Now, we should clear up something before we proceed. Mother’s Day and Mothering Sunday are often conflated. In reality, they’re slightly different.

Mothering Sunday is the fourth Sunday of Lent. It’s believed to have religious origins and refers to the one Sunday of the year where sons and daughters working as servants were given the day off to visit their mothers. The day was celebrated with presents and flowers; a tradition many Brits maintain today. Mother’s Day in the modern sense originated in the US and was first celebrated in 1908.  

The day was made a public holiday thanks to the efforts of Anna Jarvis who was devoted to honouring her late mother. Her efforts built on a movement started by Julia Ward Howe. Both women felt that mothers were the “person who has done more for you than anyone in the world”. We can’t disagree with that sentiment. So, however we got to Mother’s Day in the modern sense, the underlying message is always the same: mums are worth celebrating.

How the World Celebrates Mother’s Day

Most of us in Britain will mark the occasion with cards, flowers, chocolates, and breakfast in bed. However, we’re not the only culture to celebrate mothers. However, as is often the case, different countries do things differently. With that being the case, here are some of the weird and wonderful Mother’s Day traditions from around the world.

Mother’s Day in Pakistan

Mother’s Day is a serious business in Pakistan. The day is marked with all the usual gifts, feasts, and parties. However, when the day rolls around in May, TV channels dedicate hours of coverage to it. Basically, it’s a not-so-subtle reminder that it’s Mother’s Day and that everyone should be honouring their mums.

Mother’s Day in India

If you’re a mother and you live in India, get ready for a celebration like no other. Indians celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May. However, they also have a second day in October as part of Durga Puja. The ten-day festival celebrates all manner of religious figures, including the Divine Mother. This means mums get two official days of recognition every year.

Mother’s Day in Serbia

Perhaps the most bizarre Mother’s Day tradition in the world comes from Serbia. Taking place in December, it’s like a prelude to Christmas. Although the day ends well, it doesn’t get off to the best start. Why? Well, because the mother of the household is tied to her bed. To free herself, she has to present gifts to everyone. Once she’s free, the roles are reversed, and everyone fawns over her.

Wherever you are in the world, Mother’s Day is an occasion. Of course, we think there’s no better way to celebrate than bingo. You could host your own game at home with mum or give her the gift that keeps on giving, a Buzz Bingo bonus!

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