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We’re ‘sphere’ to tell you more about Earth Day

If you’re reading this, we can say without unquestionable doubt that you live on Earth. That being said, this article relates to you. Unless, of course, you’re from Mars – and if you are, please get in touch and tell us what outer space slot machines look like.

All jokes aside, 7.5 billion people exist on the grounds of earth each day across 195 different countries. Basking in its glory, from coastlines to cityscapes, taking a moment to step back and appreciate the world that we live in is vital and we’re glad that here at Buzz Bingo, we have slot machines like Fruit Shop and Northern Sky, that reflect the innumerable greatness of our world.

Sometimes, though, us humans can take for granted what we are blessed with, and it can often have a negative impact on the Earth’s health. That’s where Earth Day comes in to spread awareness about our home planet, as over 190 countries get involved to protect it and promote sustainability.

The History of Earth Day

First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day has fallen on the 22nd April for 50 years and, in the 24 hours where it occurs, environmental activism is encouraged worldwide to move towards sustainable living. Developed by Senator Nelson, the movement came to its fruition with Denis Hayes on board, who was a young activist at the time. Inspired by the passion amongst students in the anti-war movement, 22nd April was chosen to maximise student participation in their time off from school.

Its inception was timely and came just decades after societies began unknowingly polluting our earth with harmful gases that came from factories and cars. Since then, our world’s leading environmentalists have shed light on climate change, and organisations and individuals alike are continuing to improve their contribution to a sustainable earth. Though the name suggests this movement occurs on just one day of the year, Earth Day is, however, an organisation that exists all year round and works alongside over 75,000 partners to implement positive change.

What Happens on Earth Day?

Encouraging involvement throughout the world, Earth Day recommends ways individuals can; improve their own carbon footprint, support businesses that choose to move towards sustainable living, and take steps to improve the areas that you live in. Specifically, presentations are given in schools and local hubs to educate audiences, and clean-up events are hosted where anyone can get involved to help improve the areas most affected by environmental issues.

Going Beyond Earth Day

While Earth Day is used to promote awareness of environmental movements on one particular day, these events continue throughout the year and Earth Day doesn’t stop spreading the word. Aiding Earth Day’s impact, the likes of popular personalities such as David Attenborough and young activists like Greta Thunberg, have widened our perspective, making people acutely aware of the dangers that our planet faces and what we must do to change this. After all, Attenborough broke a world record for the time it took him to reach 1 million followers on Instagram, so that’s saying something about his present-day influence!

So, if you, much like us here at Buzz Bingo, care about the world you live in and wish for a better planet for future generations, why not ditch your car for a day, pick up some litter, and take a trip to a plastic-free supermarket?

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