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What is a Slot Game?

If you have ever stepped into an old-school boozer or watched a classic Las Vegas film like The Hangover, you’ll already be familiar with slot games. In the most traditional sense, slot games are those 3-reel fruit machines that make a lot of noise, the ones that occasionally dispense large amounts of loose change whenever a lucky winner lines up enough cherry symbols and gold bars.

Of course, much like pretty much everything else in the world of entertainment, slot machines have been transformed by the arrival of the internet. The days of £1 pub fruit machines are now long behind us, replaced by online video slots with thousands of different variations and prizes reaching into the millions of pounds! Read on to get the ins and outs of slot games. 

So, how do slot games work exactly?

You might be wondering how online slots actually work, and why they are so popular in the UK right now. Much like traditional fruit machines, online slots have multiple reels, usually ranging from between three and five.

In addition, each slot game will have a set number of “paylines”, which is the number of potential winning combinations that you can rack up by spinning the reels.

While some slot games only have 25 or so winning paylines, many never titles can have more than 1000 paylines, meaning more than 1000 ways to win per spin!

In order to keep things truly fair and random, online slot machines always use random number generator (RNG) technology to ensure that each and every spin is truly random.

This is software that uses simple mathematics to ensure an almost infinite number of possibilities with each spin, ensuring that each and every round is fair and square. All you need to do is sign up to an online casino site, choose your favourite slot game, and place a wager to spin the reels. 

What kind of slot games can I play?

As we said, the days of gold bars, bells, and cherries are well and truly behind us. Slot players are a pretty diverse bunch, which is why you can find a dizzying array of slot games to choose from on Buzz Bingo.

We’ve got the whole shebang, from branded slots featuring your favourite characters off the telly, to totally original slots with rich and entertaining plotlines.

You can play progressive jackpot slots, where the prize pool can easily top £1 million, as well as cascading wilds slots where each spin has the potential to award you with more free spins, maximising your chances of a free payout.

You can also play slingo games, which combine the very best elements of online bingo with online slots, resulting in a fast-paced game where anything can happen.

That’s to say nothing of our bankroll boosting Daily Drop slots, where one lucky winner can rake in a life-changing sum of money on a selected daily slot game. The choice is yours. 

As Buzz Bingo, we really do have a slot game for everyone. Whether you’re a big-spending high roller or a low-risk, low-key wheeler dealer, you can find your perfect game at Buzz Bingo. Give it a go today. 

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