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Why I Forgot Day Should Be Etched On Your Memory From Now On

As any regular visitor to our blog will know, there is nothing we love more than an eccentric day that celebrates certain foods, random occurrences, and other items.

However, we are also the first to admit that it can be hard to keep track of them. After all, many of us have calendars and diaries full to the brim with birthdays, anniversaries, parties, and other commitments, so it can be challenging to stay on top of what’s next.

If that sounds vaguely familiar, then never fear. Why? Because there is another day that might just come in handy if you find it tough to keep up with various celebrations, plans, and other significant dates. It is known simply as I Forgot Day.

What is I Forgot Day?

It might sound odd – and more than a little made up – but I Forgot Day is genuinely a thing. Honest. As National Today explains, the day takes place annually on July 2nd and it is meant to be the moment when people can celebrate their own forgetfulness.

The website outlines how the origins of the day are thought to begin in Indiana with Gaye Anderson. She apparently became known for forgetting dates like her daughter’s birthday and her own wedding anniversary, so she decided to just celebrate both of them on July 2nd. And just like that, I Forgot Day was born.

National Today adds that the day can be used to apologise to people for events that have been missed. It may also be a time to plan out how you can avoid issues going forward.

How to Celebrate I Forgot Day

Ultimately, you can choose to approach I Forgot Day however you would like. But, why not follow Gaye’s lead and mark the things that you can’t stop forgetting about? Here are just a few ideas we think you should consider:

  • Head out for a special meal to mark that thing you keep forgetting. Or, alternatively, do a bit of a catch-all and tick off several events at the same time with a single dinner.
  • Get in touch with your friends to offer up your best wishes in advance – or to apologise once again for being late with cards and presents.
  • If you have missed a party or two, why not make up for it with some party-themed games at Buzz Bingo?

In terms of the latter, you could try the likes of Party Box, Party Pop, and Dance Party. In addition, if you’ve even done the unthinkable and forgotten to buy Easter or Christmas gifts, you could get into the spirit of those seasons with Chocolate Cashpots and Christmas Carol Megaways.

Time for a Brain Break

If you have issues remembering important dates or anniversaries, hopefully, our introduction to I Forgot Day has put your mind at ease. Ultimately, it is a chance for you to get out of trouble, give your brain a break and relax a little.

Now, if only we could remember what we were going to write about next…

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