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Winner KA Hits the Jackpot with Buzz Bingo 

What kind of honeymoon could you get for nearly 60 thousand pounds? Well, that’s what our recent winner will be contemplating over the next few months as she scooped a whopping prize of £59,484 on the game, Bouncy Balls Bingo. Explaining how she felt when she received the incredible news, and what she plans on spending the money on, she said:   

“I am absolutely gobsmacked, things like that don’t happen to me. I will be taking a belated honeymoon and will be able to buy my miracle son whatever he likes. And I will be now able to treat my 80-year-old nan too!”  

To help out, we’ve had a look at some of the most luxurious honeymoons out there and came up with our top three. This list almost makes us want to renew our vows!  

#1: Mauritius  

Priced at £1,096 pp (7 nights)  

Check any quality honeymoon guide, and Mauritius will be at the very top of the list when it comes to romantic destinations. Yes, people, the beauty spot has it all, from sun-kissed beaches to a clear blue coastline and lagoons that will make K wonder whether she has actually seen real blue before.  

Of course, it’s not only the iconic features that make Mauritius perfect for a honeymoon – it’s everything from the cuisine to the laidback lifestyle. With a smorgasbord of English, European, and Creole culture running through the island, the people are almost horizontal they are that relaxed!  

That’s just what the doctor ordered for K and her lucky partner now that her bingo winnings could fund 54.2 package deals with Virgin Holidays.  

#2: The Maldives  

Priced at £16,515 (7 nights)  

Everyone has heard of the Maldives, but K is one of the lucky few who can say she’s visited the magical archipelago. Located in South Asia, southwest of Sri Lanka and India, it is like Mauritius with its stunning natural beauty, including amazing coral reefs.   

But, let’s face it – a honeymoon is about more than snorkelling. Thankfully, the Maldives has the ideal base for loved-up couples, the Raffles Maldives Meradhoo. On a tiny island resort that’s so isolated, it will feel like K and Co’s private home-away-from-home, free (mandatory) massages are given with breakfast. While all the villas back onto the beach where turtles frolic and marine life are visible from the shore.  

At £2,287 per night for a beach villa, the Raffles would hardly make a dent in K’s winnings.  

#3: Mexico  

Priced at £1,000 pp (7 nights)

What can we say? We like to spice things up at Buzz Bingo, which is why Mexico is right up our street. The tacos covered in habanero sauce, the Mariachi bands playing into the early hours, not to mention the fantastic sights, makes us think that K and her partner would fall in love with Mexico, too.  

After all, Mexico City is packed with culture, such as the Teotihuacan pyramids, Cancun has the nightlife, and the Pacific coast is home to beaches that include whale watching and swimming with dolphins. Idyllic. Plus, a spot of salsa dancing is the ultimate way to round off an unforgettable honeymoon of a lifetime.  

With that huge prize, there’s also enough to take her Nan with her… 

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