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How To Celebrate World Cat Day With Or Without A Cat

We love cats here at Buzz Bingo. And would you know it? It’s World Cat Day on August 8th. Here are five purrfect ways to celebrate if you have a cat, and four ways to celebrate if you don’t.

How To Celebrate World Cat Day With A Cat

1.    Love your cat

Show your cat how much you love them with lots of snuggles, strokes, and lots of time playing with their favourite toy. You know what makes your cat feel loved. Today’s the day to make sure they get plenty of it.

2.    Make a Kitty Cardboard Palace for your cat

Transform a cardboard box into a Kitty Palace by cutting a few paw-sized holes in the sides and writing “KITTY PALACE” on it in non-toxic marker. When your cat hops in, dangle their favourite toys outside the box and watch with delight as your cat pokes their paws through the holes to try and grab it. Awww, we love cats!

3.    Sing to your cat

People have celebrated special occasions by singing since humans could first sing, so we see no reason why you wouldn’t sing some lovely songs to your cat on World Cat Day. All you have to do is change the lyrics to make them a bit cat-themed, like this:

  • “I knew you were a cat when you walked in, because you’ve got cat ears.” – Tail-or Swift
  • “I feel claws in my fingers, I feel claws in my toes. Your floof is all around me, and so the feeling grows.” – Wet Wet Cat
  • “All the fluffy kitties, all the floofy kitties, all the fluffy kitties, now put your paws up, pounce in the club (club), just jumped up (up), doin’ my own cat thing.” – Bey-Pouncey
  • “Don’t, go, chasing all my toes, please chase all the toys and the treats that I bought you. I know that you’re gonna have it your way or nothing at all, but those aren’t your toes they’re mine.” – TLCats

4.    Make a feast for your cat

Give your cat all their favourite foodie treats like chicken, salmon, and tuna. You could mould a kind of mound out of tinned tuna and sprinkle some cat treats on top if your cat is fancy.

5.    Give your cat some catnip

Lots of cats love catnip, and they can indulge any time they like with zero repurrcussions from the law. Why not give your cat some catnip for World Cat Day, then sing for them while they’re rolling around in catnip-induced joy? They’ll be in kitty heaven, and surely that’s what World Cat Day is all about.

How To Celebrate World Cat Day Without A Cat

1.    Bake a cat-face-shaped cake

All you need to do is bake two sponges in normal round baking tins, cut cat ear shapes from one of the sponges, pop the ears on top of the other sponge, put frosting on the whole thing, make the eyes, nose, mouth, and whiskers with chocolate buttons, writing-icing, Matchsticks etc… be creative! Any cat lover can do it. You’ll have some cake left over from the sponge you cut the ears out of, which isn’t a bad thing if you ask us. Enjoy the leftover cake with a lovely cuppa!

Here is the cat-face-shaped cake we made at Buzz Bingo.

2.    Go see your friend’s cat

Does one of your friends have a cat? Copy and paste this message to them now: “Hello, I’d like to celebrate World Cat Day with your cat, please. When can I come over? We can have a lovely cup of tea too! Let me know ❤️”

3.    Get a cat

A cat is for life, not just World Cat Day. If you’re 100% ready for the commitment of welcoming a cat into your family, head to your local pet shelter and give a lovely cat a forever home.

4.    Play a cat-themed slot game

We’ve got at least 15 cat-themed slot games to play at buzzbingo.com, just go here and search “cat.” Our favourite is definitely Super Graphics Lucky Cats® because it’s colourful and it has an exciting bonus round triggered by getting three lovely cats on the reels. But we shouldn’t play favourites, because all cats are truly magnificent… so we’ll also recommend Wild Cats Multiline™ if you’re after more realistic cats and ThunderCats™: Reels of Thundera if you’re feeling nostalgic for childhood cat cartoons.

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