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Your Bad Poems For Bad Poetry Day

It’s Bad Poetry Day on 18th August, and we asked for your best bad poems on our Facebook page.

You delivered.

We wanted bad poems, but you sent us some amazing poems! You’re a right creative bunch. We loved basically all of them, but chose these fab ones to share. Enjoy.

The Ruddy Wrong Number
I wanted one number as I looked at me screen. Oh Buzz Bingo you can be so mean. I thought it was coming I’m ready to shout. That’s when the ruddy wrong number fudging came out! Now I am sulking because I didn’t win. I may as well screw up my ticket, and chuck in the bin 🤣
– by Andy

Roger Knowles
Plant some seeds,
For Roger Grows,
Gets up from his knees,
For Roger arose.
Off to the computer
For Roger tiptoes,
Turns on the router,
For Roger bestows.
Load up the stream,
For Roger composed,
Handsome and gleam,
For Roger shows.
Prime up the slot,
For Roger chose,
Enter the Buzzone,
Roger Knowles.
– by Connor

Roger’s World
There is a young man called Roger,
He likes to give out dollar,
his favourite saying is “Buzzone,”
I watch him on my phone,
He picks a winner and plays the spinner
and lives in a world of his own!
– by Jake

Bad poem, bad poem, Buzz wants us write a BAD POEM.
Bad poem, bad poem Buzz wants us write a BAD POEM.
Bad poem, bad poem Buzz wants us write a BAD POEM.
– by Julie

Jockie’s Teddy
Teddy had no-one to love,
He prayed to the angels up above,
Along came a chappie,
His name was Jockie,
Now Teddy has a new home!
– by Mandy

Roger’s Live Streams
Wednesday Lives are astounding,
With lines such as “Pound me!”
Tears down my cheeks,
Laughing like a geek,
And playing for a win we all seek!
– by Gem

Baa Baa
There was a sheep
Headbutted a wall
It said “baa baa”
And that is all
– by Shell

Buzz Bingo has a Scottish star his name of course is Jockie. He didn’t have a teddy bear I had to gasp in shocky.
– by Sarah

Go To Buzz Bingo
Roses are red
Grass is green
Go to Buzz Bingo
That’s where I’ll be seen
– by Cheryl

Which is your favourite? Let us know and share your own Bad Poem in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Your Bad Poems For Bad Poetry Day

  1. Hi

    I am a keen writer and have wrote poetry of my life experiences, if it’s okay, I want to one of my poems with buzz bingo

    I will sent an email

  2. Hi

    I’ve written a poem called

    She Couldn’t

    She broke my spirit
    And took everything for granted
    But she couldn’t see
    So she brought back my failures

    I’d give it all
    Just to be at her side
    But she couldn’t see
    The savage that’s become her life

    I couldn’t believe
    That I’d have my heart on my sleeve
    Just have her call me up
    Whenever she needed to be loved

    I’ve given my all
    But it wasn’t good enough
    So she watched me fall
    As I gave her my love

    By Steven Burton

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