Count Your Buttons Day

21st October 2021

Sometimes the celebrations we talk about are direct and easy to explain. Other times, like with Count Your Buttons Day, we’re left questioning how humanity comes up with such bizarre ideas. Nevertheless, none of us can deny just how important buttons are in our lives. From keeping our pants up to getting stuck in the bend of the vacuum cleaner, it’s time to finally pay the humble button the respect it deserves.

How to make money from slots

12th October 2021

They say you should only gamble with money you are fully prepared to lose. This is an important truism, one that will help you enjoy safer and more enjoyable online gambling experiences. However, it is also important to keep in mind that it is possible to win on the slots and to win big, should the stars align in your favour. After all, slots are always a game of chance, rather than skill.

How to Celebrate It’s My Party Day (You Can Cry if You Want To)

11th October 2021

It’s okay to take a little time to yourself, and by the same token, it’s also perfectly fine to have a huge party for yourself. It’s My Party Day on October 11 keeps this idea close to its heart, where participants are free to get a little selfish and celebrate the positive people and achievements in their lives. Of course, this idea can be a little contradictory if everyone does it. But hear us out, and we think you’ll agree that It’s My Party Day could be just the ticket.

Responsibly Celebrating Mad Hatter Day

6th October 2021

Lewis Carroll and John Tenniel’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is commonly regarded as one of the most beloved stories in western culture, but its influence grows far beyond the books. With movies, games, and even a ‘Mad Hatter Day’ holiday in honour of the novel, Alice in Wonderland is an important part of the western zeitgeist, and that doesn’t look to be changing any time soon.

Celebrating World Smile Day

1st October 2021

Some celebrations are hard to understand or can take some time to figure out. This is the exact opposite for World Smile Day, which, despite having some interesting origins, is about as simple as it can get. World Smile Day is about creating brightness for yourself and others, and these are things all of us need a little more of.

What is the Best Slot to Play?

30th September 2021

od, or who is the most annoying newscaster – we all have correct answers, but they’re subjective. That said, it would be silly to suggest all slots are created equal, and with that in mind, we can at least give readers some tips to narrow down a selection of thousands of slots to a few dozen.

What is Ask a Stupid Question Day?

28th September 2021

willingness to learn, and the tacit acceptance that we all ask stupid questions from time to time.

What is a Slot Game?

27th September 2021

Despite being one of the most fundamental foundations on which modern casinos are built, there are many out there to whom slot games are a mystery. For this reason, we thought that today we could spend some time investigating this seemingly simple question. What forms do slot games take, and where do they come from? Here’s what our research turned up.

Adopting a New View with Swap Ideas Day

10th September 2021

We’ve all got that friend whose ideas are a little unusual, and if you don’t, well, we’d caution against looking in a mirror. Of course, not all odd ideas are bad ideas, and that’s what September 10th is all about with Swap Ideas Day.

Celebrating Eat an Extra Dessert Day

4th September 2021

We don’t know about you, but some days, one helping of dessert just doesn’t quite do it for us. Thankfully, today we present you with a very valid reason to go and get that second portion!

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