Hi, I’m Roger

I create, produce and host the live stream and video content here at Buzz Bingo. For everyone who already knows me, BUZZONE to you! and to everyone else who has no idea what I mean… Hi!

I have worked in video content creation for many years and I can’t emphasise enough how much I love it. If I manage to entertain the people watching the content I create, I am a very happy man indeed.

I haven’t always worked in video content though, I have a very weird mix of previous experience. Here are just a few: I’m a trained gardener, cocktail maker and I spent 6 months in Professional Wrestling school… I know right, skinny little me! Outside of work, I am one of the BIGGEST geeks you will ever meet! Seriously, I think my other half is going to stage an intervention because of how much I talk about Star Wars. I, obviously, can’t write this and not mention my dog Alfie, who makes a regular appearance during the Buzz Bingo live streams. The best dog in the world and he keeps me highly entertained every minute of the day.

May the BUZZONE be with you!


Roger’s Best Bits… So Far!

Twelve Days Of Buzzmas

Top Left ball
Top Right Ball