How Will You Be Celebrating Make Up Your Own Holiday Day This Year?

26th March 2021

What’s that, you want to celebrate Buzz Bingo Day? What a great idea that is! If you want to cherish the Buzz Bingo community for a whole 24 hours, where would you start? Luckily enough for you, we’ve already put our thinking caps on. Here’s how you could organise your very own Buzz Bingo Holiday on March 26th:

Get Yourself in a Spin this St Patrick’s Day

17th March 2021

As you’d expect, we like to celebrate St Patrick’s day in our own way. Yes, we like a little tipple, but we also have our own tradition. That tradition is a spin on two on some of the best Irish slots in the world. Scroll through the Buzz Bingo gaming lobby and you’ll find shamrocks, pots of gold, leprechauns and more.

Weird and Wonderful Mother’s Day Traditions from Around the World

13th March 2021

Mums are great. For most of us, a mother is for life and not just for Christmas. No matter how old you are, your mum will always be there to lend a hand when you’re sick, do your washing, or offer a shoulder to cry on. Basically, mums are brilliant, which is why we celebrate them every year. Now, we should clear up something before we proceed. Mother’s Day and Mothering Sunday are often conflated. In reality, they’re slightly different.

From Gifts to Google Doodles: How the World Marks International Women’s Day

8th March 2021

Here at Buzz Bingo, we love how some of our slot games celebrate the strength and power of women. From the Cleopatra collection of titles to the fierce warriors of Battle Maidens, it is always a joy to see women leading the action.

Celebrate the Meaning of Names Day with Some Superbly Named Slots

5th March 2021

What does your name mean? We’ve all got one and we all use or hear it multiple times every day. However, have you ever stopped to think about what’s behind it? Well, some people have. Onomatologists focus their careers on looking into the meaning of names and where they come from.

St David’s Day Bingo Calls

1st March 2021

The proud Welshmen and Welshwomen among you will know that March 1 is a special day on the calendar. Dedicated to the man many consider the greatest Welshman of all time (although Tom Jones might disagree), St David’s Day is a time to celebrate. Whether it’s sampling the stalky delights of the humble leek, attending a parade, or admiring the beauty of a daffodil, we all like to mark the occasion in our own ways.

Tell a Fairy Tale Day

26th February 2021

Stories have always been a central part of our culture, from the days of cavemen gathered around the camp-fire to modern men standing around the barbeque. The importance of stories is key to all cultures and is often a tool used to give simple but helpful lessons. Taking note of this, the annual Fairy Tale Day held on February 26 is a great way to get stuck into these classic worlds of fantasy.

The Biggest Valentine’s Day Mistakes You Will Want to Avoid

14th February 2021

The story behind Valentine’s Day isn’t as sugary-sweet as you might think. Some historians think that this event can be traced back to the Feast of Lupercalia in Ancient Rome, when women would offer to be hit by animal hides in a bizarre attempt to increase their fertility.

Discover our box office reels on Global Movie Day

12th February 2021

If you’re a fan of the big screen, you’ll be pleased to know that Global Movie Day is fast approaching. On Saturday February 13, 2021, the world will celebrate their favourite motion pictures and get the chance to have a chat with some of the biggest film directors and producers on social media.

Amazing Facts About the Chinese New Year

10th February 2021

Amazing Facts About the Chinese New Year Every year, billions of people celebrate the Chinese New Year, which is also known as the Spring Festival. You may already know a few things about

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